Coordination issues. I need help! Lol

Today’s Hello Sunday is very random! So, I have this one song by Kirk Franklin stuck in my head– Love Theory. Woke up with it on my mind and it will not go away. Honestly, this happens to me quite often. Sometimes I have a song stuck in my head for days. Most of the time, the only way I can get rid of it is to put it on repeat until I am tired of hearing it.

Well, before I put this song on repeat, let me give you a little background about this song. If you have seen Kirk perform the song, then you know that he and the singers use sign language during the the second chorus.

Confession– I am so uncoordinated. Every time I hear this song, I cannot get the signs right. It is almost like dancing. Yeah.. I cannot dance either. Y’all, I cannot even line dance, or do aerobics or Zumba. It is so embarrassing. I consider myself a seated dancer. I can dance while seated, but when I stand up… that is a-whole-nother story. Again, embarrassing! Anyhoo…

The chorus to Love Theory goes like this:

I don’t wanna love nobody but You
I don’t wanna love nobody but You
I don’t wanna love nobody, love nobody but You

Well, let me listen to this song. Perhaps I will finally get the signs right. One day I would love to show my skills in public. As for dancing. I need an instructor like T.I. and Tiny’s daughter, Heiress, to teach me. Y’all, she is so patient and her instructions are so easy to follow. Anyway, y’all stay safe and enjoy your weekend!


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