Positive vibes only!

So today I decided to share another Facebook memory. I’m not sure what was going on at the time but it seems as if I was fed up with negativity. I’ll just say this, once I started distancing myself from negative people and situations, my life became so much more peaceful. Today, when negativity rears its ugly head, positivity rushes in like a superhero and Knocks It Out! No lie! I’m smiling as I write because I couldn’t say this five years ago, which is when I wrote this post. Listen, when I tell you God has put in some work over the years, believe me. I’m sooo loving my new life!

May 19, 2016

Just thinking about life.

Trying to get people to see things differently is very difficult. If a person had a negative experience with a person, place or thing, it’s almost impossible to get them to see anything positive about any of those things. So do you continue to encourage them to be positive or just leave it alone? Negative people (myself included) and situations are exhausting! Whenever I feel myself becoming negative I try to remove myself from whatever is causing the negativity. Those vibes are contagious!

So to answer my question- Do you continue to encourage people to be positive or leave the situation alone?. Well, I’m learning to let people be. Whatever that person feels is on them. If they enjoy negativity, they enjoy it. I’ve learned to accept who they are, which has made my life so much easier. My opinions are mine and theirs are theirs. Life is too short to be stressed over things and situations only God can change. But ALWAYS keep praying for them! Be blessed~

Listen, keep those negative vibes away from you. As I said, they’re contagious! I pray you have more positive experiences than negative ones. Whenever you feel yourself becoming negative, please find a way to distance yourself from whatever is causing the negativity. You deserve a positive life.

Have a blessed day!


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