The Undoing- Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts

Yesterday, I was on the road for a few hours and instead of listening to my favorite playlist, I decided to listen to Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts’ message, The Undoing. Little did I know, I needed to hear it. Y’all, it is so true that God sends messages at the right time. Over the past few weeks, God has been working with me on 1) completely trusting Him and 2) keeping things between the two of us sacred- yes, sacred. As many of you know, I believe in being transparent. Well, my transparency often leads to over sharing, which I am finding isn’t always good.

Honestly, I believe this is going to be one of the hardest things I have done, but I know it is necessary. As Pastor Sarah suggested, everything I have become accustomed to doing has to be undone. Everything has to be undone before I can move to the next level.

Building a stronger relationship with God.

Enjoy The Undoing!


2 thoughts on “The Undoing- Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts”

    1. Yes it was, Deborah! Starting over but not starting from scratch. I’m currently rebranding my business- going from The Research Diva-RD to LaShaundreaB- while preparing for my son’s last year of high school. I’m really starting over. Life…


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