God’s Gift to Me

It’s exactly one week from my 46th birthday. God granted me a gift today that I do not take lightly. He officially granted me my freedom. This morning the judge signed my divorce papers.

I’m speechless. I’ve been crying off and on, all day. It’s finally over. Over four years of waiting. God is so good.

I could only imagine how I would feel afterwards. Even right until the moment I was called to the judge’s bench, I kept trying to figure out how it would all end. At the same time, I kept praying for peace. Praying that God calmed my mind. After it was over, I didn’t rejoice like I thought I would. I took the rest of the day off to be with my babies. They were the only two I wanted to see.

Prior to entering the courthouse, I had asked for prayers over social. When I came out, social media was the last thing on my mind. It’s after 7 p.m. and I still haven’t checked my accounts. It’s amazing how none of that even matters anymore. It kept me afloat all these years and now, it really doesn’t serve a purpose. Hmm…clarity.

Well, Happy Birthday to me! Thanks, God! I’m finally at peace. Amen

P.S. If there are typos in this message, it’s okay. Life will go on. I don’t feel like proofing and revising what I’ve written. Maybe some other time, but not today. Plus, no one’s going to read it anyway. Lol. Life.


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