Another March Has Come and Gone

As I mentioned at the beginning of the month, March seems to be my month for transformation. At least, over the last five years.

In March 2015, my marriage officially ended. Officially, not legally. It’s when my ex-husband and I separated. It’s also when I lost everything – my house, car, self-esteem, family support- everything. I was happy because I was free, but I was also broken. This was probably one of the lowest and loneliest times of my life. Yeah, it was bad. However, I had God and I had my children. God promised He would take care of me and replace everything I lost, and He did.

During the first couple of years, I really struggled. But as time passed, things got better. I began to regain everything I lost. I got a new car, a promotion, and finally moved into another house. A house that I wanted to purchase, but didn’t because I was still married. However, a few months after moving into my house (March 2019), I was finally able to sign my divorce papers. Woohoo!!! YAY ME!!

Fast forward to this March, another major event happened. I finally purchased my house! On March 31, 2020, I became a homeowner… AGAIN! Another life changing event and another level of freedom. So, over the past five years, God has replaced everything I lost with greater. I’m sooo amazed!

Y’all, I have no idea why God operates the way He does. Honestly, I’m still learning how to give Him total control over my life. I’ll admit, it’s hard. However, I’m so thankful He’s patient with me, and continues to show me that He’s not going to leave me. That He’s got me. All I have to do is trust Him.



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