Happy Father’s Day, Mr. Sutton

Today is all about Mr. Alton Sutton. My dad is the hardest working man I know. Besides being a teacher and truck driver, he’s always had two or more side hustles. It wasn’t until two years ago, on Father’s Day, that I sat down and listened to his story.

That morning he had eaten breakfast and was trying to leave for his shop, when I asked to go with him. It was Father’s Day and I had planned to spend every moment with him. Usually breakfast was enough, but not this time. I was determined to go with him. So he took me. I’m not even going to lie, I was 42 years old feeling like a four year old going to work with her daddy. I was so excited.

When we got to the shop, we started preparing items for the snowball stand. As we went through the steps of bagging ice, refilling the ice machine and making the snowball juice, I realized he was training me. During each step of the process he would explain why he did things a certain way; where to purchase the cooling solution for the ice machine; and the sugar to syrup to flavor ratio to make the perfect snowball juice. It was pretty cool!

After delivering the supplies to the snowball stand, he brought me back to the shop and showed me how he made monuments. Yes, my daddy makes tombstones and he has a graveyard. Fortunately, one place we didn’t visit was the graveyard. I have yet to help dig a grave or direct traffic. Lol!

Here’s what I learned that day. My dad has always thought outside the box. He showed me a few drawings of prototypes of his first snowball vehicle (it was a bicycle) and the boom truck for his monuments. He told me– first you have an idea. Then you write it down and keep it where you can see it. Then you go after it. And to never stop going after your dreams. He told me that you have to use what you have while you wait on what you want. Whew! I couldn’t believe my dad was telling me these things. The motivational messages I had been searching for on social media were coming from the source that had been with me my entire life– my dad. That day my dad dropped so many gems! By the time I headed home, I was so full. It’s a day I will always cherish.

I wish I could be with him today. In a few hours he’ll be at his shop repeating the procedures he walked me through two years ago. He hasn’t been feeling that great lately, but he’s never stopped doing what he loves– working. I’m so proud to call him Daddy.

I love you, Daddy!❤️


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