Year 45!! #Blessed

Good Morning! My 45th birthday is finally here! When I tell you I’m blessed and highly favored, believe me!

I have always loved birthdays. I’m a summer baby. When you’re a kid, and born in the Summer, you don’t have to wait until the weekend to celebrate your birthday. Well…not if your grandmother is the babysitter and your cousins and neighborhood kids are around. Shoot, I didn’t need presents. No one had money to buy presents anyway. Lol! All I needed was a cake and unlimited playtime. Those were the days!

Over the years, my enthusiasm for birthdays has never left. I’ve never fretted getting older. I have rejoiced no matter what age and I’ve never been ashamed to tell my age. These are years God has blessed me with. I will not deny Him the glory by refusing to move forward. I’m 45 and blessed!

I woke up this morning so full! Full of praise! Full of gratitude! I can’t emphasize it enough– I am blessed! I’m here! I am 45! Now can somebody shout with me!! Glory!

Before I end, I would like to thank everyone who has planted seeds of growth into my life. Every positive interaction has helped me move forward. Every “hello” and smile has fed my soul and I’m forever grateful. God places people in your life for a reason. If you’re reading this, and we’ve had some kind of interaction, you were placed in my life for a reason. Y’all, I’m truly blessed!

So, all year I’ve been saying I need a porch to sit on. God got me that porch!!! Did I tell y’all He loves me?

Happy birthday to Me!


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