Feeling Rejuvenated

I finally found the rest and relaxation I needed. Now I feel rejuvenated.

This past weekend I celebrated my 45th birthday with my best friend of 43 years and made a new friend, who I believe will in my life another 45 years. Yes, we plan to live a long time. Believe me, it was so rewarding to be in the company of like minded women. The spiritual connection we have is unbelievable. Simply mind blowing!

As many of us believe, God places people in our lives for a reason– to teach us a lesson or be a blessing. Often we overlook the timing of the placement. Timing is always significant. You see, this is our 45th year of life, our year for growth. It’s our time to shine and sow into others.

I used the word shine for a reason. Each of us have been holding back on the talents God has blessed us with because we’ve become comfortable with where we are. Don’t get me wrong, we are using our talents, but not stretching those talents. We have so much more to give. This weekend we declared it’s our time to step out of the background and into the spotlight to allow our God given talents to shine. As Cheryl Wood put it, we encourage our children to be fearless and conquer the world but we don’t follow our own advice. Well, now we’re following our advice. The three of us are ready to shine, sow and conquer the world!

Feeling rejuvenated!


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