Extreme Fatigue Following a Hysterectomy

I had to share this because I didn’t realize extreme fatigue was a symptom. No one told me I would be tired all of the time.

It’s been three and a half weeks since my hysterectomy. The first couple of weeks I never thought about how tired I was. I guess the gas and abdominal pains overshadowed everything else. Ha! The pain was real!

Well, last week I noticed I was more tired than usual. Last weekend I started napping a lot. I just assumed it was my body telling me I needed to rest. So I napped. Then one nap a day turned into two naps. Now I’m up to three naps.

I’m not going to lie, I started freaking out. I automatically assumed something deadly was happening. Did I have some kind of internal bleeding going on? And it couldn’t possibly be anemia because that was supposed to be cured with the hysterectomy, right? Hmm…

Yesterday, I started back taking my iron pills because they always gave me more energy. Today I decided to google (something I despise doing for medical symptoms) extreme fatigue after a hysterectomy and guess what popped up? Hundreds of testimonies and a WebMD confirmation that it’s an actual symptom. Say what? I’m not being lazy. I’m actually tired.

I have a follow up appointment next week. I’m going to inform my gynecologist of the symptoms and suggest that he includes extreme fatigue in the list of symptoms they provide patients at discharge.

I thought I was on my last leg, y’all! I always thank God for waking me up, but last night when I went to sleep I wasn’t so sure I would be here today. As I write this blog, I’m about to fall over. I just had to get this out. Extreme fatigue is real! Getting ready to listen to my body (I know I need sleep because I wake up every morning before dawn) and take a nap AND I refuse to feel guilty about it.



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