I’m Being Groomed

Have you ever wondered why you have to face so many challenges to get to where you desire and deserve to be? I know I have. I think about it all the time. This morning I came across a quote, “Don’t give up. Great things take time.” After thinking about for a while, and sharing it with a few people, something clicked– I’m being groomed.

God has been grooming me since the day I was born. Everything I have gone through was preparing me for what is to come. I’m really emotional right now because I can see it. It all makes sense. I’m not saying I enjoyed the challenges and setbacks. Not at all! What I’m saying is, I made it! Y’all, I’m still amazed at some of the things I’ve accomplished!

Tomorrow my next big adventure begins. I’m excited! However, I’m also a little nervous. Been blocking out all of the negative thoughts that have been trying to surface. Thoughts like– Are you sure you can do this? Are you good enough? Are you smart enough? Do others believe you’re smart enough? It’s amazing how your own thoughts can stop you from moving forward. Not this time!

My goal is to tackle every challenge as I have in the past– PRAY, then suck it up and do whatever needs to be done. That’s how I made it through basic training. That’s how I made it through labor. It’s how I make it through daily challenges.

I’m pretty sure I’ll write about my journey. I know there will be challenges; however, I’m ready for them. God has paved the way and it’s time for me to move forward. As they say, “Pray my strength in the Lord” because I know I’ll need it. Some of you know what I mean. For those who don’t, just pray for me.

Y’all, I’m excited!! The best is yet to come. As the song says, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”- Donald Lawrence “The Best is Yet to Come”



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