Social Media Time

This is going to be brief… I thinkWe shall see. Lol!

I’m not going to lie, I love social media. Social media is where I find inspiration and motivation. I love seeing others succeed. I love celebrating their successes and sharing them with others. And if I’m really hyped about something, I’ll promote it like crazy! Now tweeting… that’s a-whole-different subject for another blog. Lawd knows I’m hooked!

I know my description of social media sounds fabulous and all, but there’s a downside. For me, social media is time consuming. It’s a rabbit hole. I click on a social media site with the intention of quickly skimming through posts, only to look up half an hour later and I’m still on the same site. Then I remember I have three more sites to check and they all have multiple accounts (business/professional and personal). It’s pretty overwhelming, but I’m hooked!

About a month ago, I decided to schedule my social media time (see my last blog- Late Night/Early Morning Ramblings). Scheduling the time has actually worked. During the weekdays, I’m pretty good at sticking to my schedule. However, on the weekends, I’m terrible; and this morning I finally realized that I reward myself with social media time (SMT)– not food, but Social Media Time!

So over the past month, after accomplishing major goals (homework assignments- lol- it’s serious!), I have been rewarding myself with unlimited social media time. I feel like a kid on Christmas day! Y’all, I have fallen asleep with the phone in my hand. It’s crazy! So now I’m trying to figure out how to handle this problem. I have never rewarded myself with food. So food is not an option. Since rewarding myself with SMT has gotten so out of hand, what shall I do? If you’re reading this, I really need suggestions. Help!


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