Late Night/Early Morning Ramblings

So, I decided to take a nap yesterday evening and slept much longer than anticipated. Last week was pretty hectic. I’m laying here thinking about some of the decisions I made and how to, or not to, make them again.

The good decisions were made when I remained focused on achieving my goals and stayed on task. I stayed on task by limiting my social media time and following a set schedule; which is something I rarely do. Let me tell you how well I did. Y’all, I was so proud of myself! For those who don’t know me, you’ll probably think this isn’t a big deal. But for those who do, you know it’s big! So, I have “Tyler Tuesdays” scheduled from 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM on Tuesday nights so I can tweet during the Haves and Have Nots/If Loving You Is Wrong and reply to tweets afterwards. Last week I actually stuck with my schedule! Usually I’m tweeting ALL night and waking up during the night replying to tweets. Yes…it’s that serious. The point is, I was disciplined enough stay within the schedule 1.5 hour time frame. I shut it down at 9:30 PM. Not 9:31 but 9:30. I felt great! The next day I was on a roll. I was completing tasks like a robot. I was doing so well until…

The things that followed “until”… messed me up, threw me off track. Like- it wasn’t until I became frustrated with a task that I began to scroll through social media; it wasn’t until I received that phone call that got me flustered and I threw a pity party (just being real); it wasn’t until I had to run unscheduled errands that got me off track and I couldn’t recover; it wasn’t until I took a nap and slept longer than intended… There’s so much more I could add, more excuses. Yeah, that’s what they are– excuses. Everything I mentioned above I could have easily recovered from and gotten back on track; however, I chose not to. It was a choice.

Going forward, I have to become more disciplined and stay focused. It’s the only way I’ll make it through the next few years. I have to keep my eyes on the prize. What’s waiting on the other side is worth the sacrifice.

With that said, one issue I need to get under control is social media. I love scrolling through social media. It’s probably one of my favorite pass-times; however, it’s an issue. I would be lying if I said I’m giving it up because I’m not. Social media isn’t the problem. It’s the amount of time I waste on social media that’s an issue. So… I’m adding “Social Media Time” to my schedule. (Okay, this is random, but whenever I say “Social Media Time” all I can hear is Mama Tina (Beyoncé’s mom) saying “It’s Corny Joke Time!”). I had to add that tiny piece of info because I wanted y’all to hear it, too. Anyway…now social media has a time slot.

I must remember, in order to be successful, I have to stay focused. My purpose does not have room for distractions or excuses!




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