What’s For You, Is For YOU

Last week was trying. I had so much on my mind. So many unresolved issues were weighing on me. All throughout last week I kept receiving messages like “Be patient,” “Trust God’s timing,” and “Do not settle.” When I tell you I’m so happy I listened to God! I’m so happy I did not settle!

I’ll have to share my testimony in another blog. Just know that it pays to listen to God. Don’t doubt what He says. If you know He’s said something is for you, believe Him. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. I say this all of the time, “God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes.” What’s for you, is for YOU! As the song says, “He may not come when you want Him, but He’ll be right on time”~ Dottie Peoples.

Side Note: The things that excite me may not necessarily excite you. Lol! So when you see me praising God, it’s not because I’ve come into a financial blessing. LOL! For those who know me, know money doesn’t get me excited like that– now food… Lol! For example, the other day I was the only one in my class who completed the discussion correctly. One time I got the last parking space in a parking lot minutes before a meeting. Shoot, hearing a rooster crowing early in the morning does it for me! Y’all, it’s the small things that have me praising God for days. For real! And don’t let me receive a confirmation message!! Whew!!

I’m so happy God loves me! He loves you, too!!

Be Blessed,



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