The Struggle Is Real

Sitting here debating whether or not to respond to this week’s discussion. I posted my part of the discussion. It’s responding to three of my classmates posts that’s the struggle. If I could make simple posts based on my opinion, it wouldn’t be a problem. The problem comes in when I have to provide references for my responses. I don’t feel like reading their posts then try to find references to back up my responses. I know I’m being petty and could be responding instead of writing this blog, but I JUST DON’T FEEL LIKE IT! Lord, why am I so stubborn?

Well… I don’t feel like being scholarly right now. The worst part is, I just received another 100 on my paper. It seems like I put so much effort into writing the papers that I have very little left in me to do the discussions. And my professor commented on how well I’m doing in the class. Ugh! The struggle is real!!

Y’all pray my strength in the Lord. I’m going to need many prayers over the next few years. Many thanks in advance.

Yes, I’m having a tantrum. LOL

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