Anxiety and Stress

Last year was the first time I had an anxiety attack. I was in Walmart and I had the strangest feeling. I felt surrounded and it became difficult to breathe. I had to find a vacant isle and force myself to calm down. I believe it happened during my final weeks in class.

Today I didn’t have an anxiety attack but I felt uneasy, like something was happening somewhere and I could feel it. The last time I felt this way, I believe I was feeling someone else’s anxiety. It’s hard to explain. That day I went for a walk. Today I prayed and asked for peace. Also, a few weird things kept happening today. I was delayed several times while trying to leave for a focus group session that was scheduled two hours away. I got there in just the nick of time. Then when I got home I had to finish my discussion.

Now stress. Let’s discuss stress. It’s something I’m trying to avoid at all cost. I’m trying so hard not to allow school to drive me crazy this time around. So far, what is, is. I have an A in the class. I can’t focus on whether it’s a high A or a low one. I need to focus on doing my best while staying stress free. Today that almost didn’t happen. I can tell my stress level increased because I still can’t go to sleep and I’m super tired. It’s like I’m wired. I need to unwind. Maybe I’ll listen to Deepak or a YouTube video. Anyway, good night.

This one was very random. Also, I don’t feel like editing this. I’m sleepy.

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