Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

About to go to sleep. Up thinking as usual. Actually chastising myself. Nothing new.

I’m kind of disappointed in myself because I’m not as disciplined as I used to be. I have allowed distractions to consume my time. I’m becoming comfortable with being comfortable at a time when I need to be working. I have some serious decisions to make. No one is going to make them for me. No one is going to complete tasks for me. It’s up to me to get things done.

Bishop Jakes’ message Sunday was “The Door Prayer Won’t Open.” Basically, it was about being ready when what you’ve been praying for happens. Will you recognize it’s happening and open the door (grasp it), or will you allow it to pass you by while you continue to pray. The fact is, some things aren’t going to drop in our laps. Some things we actually have to work for, or as he put it, turn the knob and open the door for. In other words, we must take action.

Tonight/this morning God reminded me that what I’m encountering is the blessing I’ve prayed for. It’s at the door. He’s brought it to me. I can either get up and open the door (grasp it), or I can allow it to pass me by. This is one of those blessings that will not be placed in my lap. It will not be handed to me. I actually have to work for it.

Mind over matter. It’s a mind game.

Discipline over comfort. Have to let the distractions go.

Progress over stagnation. My purpose is too important to remain where I am.

It’s my choice. I must choose wisely.

As usual, excuse any typos, missed words, or incoherent ramblings. I need to be asleep.

Good Night


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