Stay in Character

Character: the mental and moral qualities distinctive of an individual

Just watched “Why Did I Get Married Too?” I’ve watched it many times and today was the first time I felt Patricia’s (Janet Jackson) anger. All of the other times I’ve always sided with Gavin (Malik Yoba). I used to feel like he was just reacting out of anger. You know what they say, “hurt people, hurt people.” He was a good person who responded out of hurt and anger. I mean, that wasn’t his true character, right? Patricia blindsided him with the divorce. How else was he supposed to react? That’s how I used to feel, until today.

Today I saw things differently. All she wanted was to get out of the marriage. Why couldn’t he just give her her freedom? He should’ve just let her go. In the end, she decided to let her anger get the best of her, which ended in tragedy.

I don’t agree with the way either decided to handle their anger. If it were me, I would’ve split all of my assets just to have my freedom. You know..

In my last blog I wrote about being so angry because my ex wouldn’t sign the divorce papers. I felt exactly the way Patricia’s character felt. I felt like I was going to explode. I had given him everything he asked for. I was so furious! I’m so grateful God intervened and I’m so glad I stayed in character. To this day I still don’t know how I made it four years without losing it. But God!

Anyway, I said all of this to say, don’t allow anyone or any situation make you lose character. Be strong enough to recognize it for what it is, and move above it. One thing about people, they never really remember the good you’ve done, but lose your character and that’s all they’ll ever remember. Think about it, when you’re with your family, the first thing they bring up is something crazy you said or did. Or maybe that’s just my crazy family. Lol!

As Mrs. Obama always said, “When they go low, we go high.” Stay in character.


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