Hello Sunday

I love Sundays!

On Sundays, the first thing I do when I get up is, I open all of the blinds in my house so that natural sunlight flows in. Even on dreary and rainy days, I open the blinds. Afterwards, I turn on one of my favorite gospel streaming stations and sing along with my favorite singers. Right now I am listening to the Winans sing, Goodness, Mercy, and Grace. It is a good reminder that without God’s goodness, mercy and grace, I would not be where I am today. Y’all, God is so good.

After I wash my face and brush my teeth (yes, good hygiene is a must!), I prepare breakfast. Most of the time I prepare a big breakfast on Sundays because it is the only day of the week when I have time to cook in the mornings. Plus, it is a tradition. Growing up, we always had a big breakfast on Sunday mornings. Followed by an even larger dinner, that afternoon. Today, I rarely prepare huge dinners. It is too time consuming, and I would rather spend my day relaxing, not working.

Then, after breakfast, I shower and prepare to attend church service (online). Sometimes while I wait for my service to start streaming, I look at other services that are already in progress. Following service, I typically relax by watching a good movie. However, lately, I have been volunteering after church service. This COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted my normal, but in a good way. Honestly, I believe I am a better person because of it. Now, I seem to appreciate my blessings more. I also cherish my time and the peaceful moments I have been granted. Which is something I should have been doing all along.

Well, that was a very small glimpse of how I typically spend my Sundays. How do you spend yours?

2 thoughts on “Hello Sunday”

  1. Quiet time with God…not just prayer, but quiet time…before online service and after…I need God lately more than anything..I have backed away from Social Media…It’s too much!!!

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    1. Yes, quiet time! I usually stream service through Facebook. The quality is better. I decided to only log onto Twitter to share my blog. Already shared it and logged off. We have to protect our peace. Take Care, Deborah.


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