Authentic? Transparent? Not at All

A few hours ago I took part in a panel interview to discuss my chapter in the book. Feeling like a fraud because I wasn’t completely honest about my relationship with my ex. I never really discussed my divorce because I felt ashamed. In the interview I said I was ashamed that I had divorced someone who wasn’t abusive. Hmm…

I hate that I still can’t talk about any of this. I want to tell my story, but I can’t because I’m always thinking about everyone else’s feelings; always trying to protect others. I feel like such a fake. So much for transparency. Just know that just because you can’t see signs of abuse doesn’t mean it’s not happening. And when someone tells you they’ve been abused, please believe them.

My life. My world.


6 thoughts on “Authentic? Transparent? Not at All”

  1. It’s not easy talking about these things Shaun. Be kind and patient toward yourself. When you’re ready you will say what needs to be said. Self compassion is important when trying to be truthful. Wishing you strength and courage going forward, AP2 🙏

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  2. Every story is not meant to be told until the time is right….some not ever. That doesn’t make you a fraud, it makes you human. Sometimes it’s just between you and God…

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