Just Ask God for Help

Wanted to share a quick lesson I learned a little while ago – Just ask God for help. Sounds simple, right? However, when you are determined to do things on your own, because you know you have the knowledge and skills to do them, the last thing you want to do is bother God by asking Him for help.

Short story…

I consider myself somewhat computer savvy. I’ve been fascinated with the computers and computer programming since learning how to do simple coding in the eighth grade (yes, students were coding almost 40 years ago). Well, yesterday, I was working on something so simple. Something that shouldn’t have taken longer than 30 minutes to complete, yet it took me hours. Actually, it’s the next day and I just figured out where I was going wrong. And this only happened after I said a little prayer asking God for help. When I tell you it happened instantaneously! Tears

Funny how I assumed I could do it on my own. And I’m not saying that I couldn’t have because the process was so simple. But I had worked on the problem for so long that my head and eyes were aching. I had to force myself to go to sleep earlier this morning, only to wake up three hours later trying to figure it out.

Okay.. side note.. so if I’m engrossed in something, especially trying to solve a problem, I don’t stop until it’s solved or come up with a similar solution. Sometimes I don’t eat. Sometimes I don’t sleep. It’s a habit that I thought I kicked over the last two years, but evidently it’s just been dormant. It’s definitely an unhealthy habit that cannot continue.


Now that the problem is solved, I think I’ll get some rest. God is good.


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