How God Works

Wanted to provide an update to this morning’s blog. This is how God usually works in my life.

So, after showering and getting dressed, and working – Yes… haven’t stopped working since I woke up, I promise to stop soon – I watched a YouTube video by Sarah Jakes Roberts, Hey You, Process.

This is what I mean by, “How God Works.” This particular video was shared over a year ago; however, it was the first video when I opened YouTube. What I know about God, no matter what the title or who made the video, when I’m in need, the very first video is for ME. I know it sounds crazy but this is how things work in my life. If it’s not a video, it’s a message, song or something that’s exactly what I need. Well… this particular video was EXACTLY what I needed. She opened with, “We need to acknowledge that we need to take off our cape from time to time.” Listen, THIS is why I love God. THIS is why I always say that I love the way He loves me. Tears

Y’all, I am so blessed.


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