Just Thinking and Felt Like Writing

Today’s my baby girl’s birthday so I’m not planning to post a new Shaun’s Daily Inspiration quote. I’ll just recycle one.

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off since I didn’t do it Wednesday. I cleaned, washed clothes and caught up on what’s been happening in everyone’s lives on social media. Honestly, I didn’t miss much. However, I did miss a few birthdays. Also, I saw two posts that made me think about my life and where it’s headed. You know, where I’m going with the things I’m currently doing and what I truly want to accomplish before I leave this earth?

The first was a reel shared by Dr. Cheryl Wood. Her message was to trust the process. She listed several steps to take while going through the process, and there were two that resonated with me – 1) Revisit your big WHY and 2) Write your goals on paper AGAIN. That set everything into motion. Then, Tyler Perry made a post about how he always looks at the big picture and his long term goal, and anything that doesn’t serve it he doesn’t do. So two messages had me really thinking about where I’m headed, or what I should be focused on.

Before the day was over, I did revisit goals that I wrote at the beginning of last year, but they didn’t really reflect my WHY or longterm goal. So today, I’m going to revisit my longterm goal, my dream, my WHY, and make sure I’m doing what’s needed to achieve it.

OAN: I cannot believe my baby girl will be 30 in two years. Like, where did the time go?! I mean, I still feel like I’m 21. Y’all, life is so weird and I love it!

As always, thanks for reading my ramblings. Listen, keep following my world as I create my world. Like you, I really don’t know where life is going to take me but I do know it will be interesting. Got receipts (thousands of journal entries) to prove it. Smile


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