Rambling Time

They say a hit dog will holler. Y’all, I think I’m that dog and I’ve been hit. The crazy thing is I’m not even sure by what or why. All I know is that I have allowed several posts and videos within the last week get to me. They have bothered me so much so that I have actually responded to them, which is something I rarely do. Listen, if it’s not about a show, sermon or something that encourages me, I don’t usually comment. Well, last week that all changed. Someone posted a tweet about love not being enough in a relationship and I responded.

I don’t even know why I felt so compelled to leave a comment. It was like I just had to respond. What’s so weird is I don’t even follow this person, but he showed up on my timeline. Had never seen a tweet of his before that day and haven’t seen one since I commented on the tweet he posted afterwards. Maybe he blocked me or something. I don’t believe I was rude; however, I was very disturbed by what he said. And y’all, he didn’t even say anything I hadn’t heard before. However, this time when I heard it, it felt different.

Okay.. so after that, I started reading, “We Over Me,” by Khadeen and Devale Ellis. The book is about their love story. Their relationship. After reading a few chapters, I began to feel somewhat better. I felt like, “Finally, someone believes the same as I do – relationships are what you make them and should not be based on someone else’s. Because I’ll tell you now, I am Shaun. I am not your friend’s, brother’s, uncle’s, daddy’s, paw paw’s, or pastor’s significant other so do not treat me as such! Okay!!

I told y’all, this has really struck a nerve.

Anyhoo… The reason I decided to ramble is because of what I just heard. So, I am just now watching Sunday’s sermon by Bishop T.D. Jakes called “Bruised Love.” Again, I must have gotten hit because pieces of his sermon have rubbed me the wrong way. The fact that I refuse to settle for less than I know I’m worth does not make me irrational or think I’m better than God. It’s no secret how well God loves me; and He has given me nothing but the absolute best (what’s best for me). So why, when it comes to relationships, do I have to lower my standards? Why?? I truly believe there is someone for everyone. One person’s perception of what’s best for them isn’t the same for someone else. Just because you may think someone is a good fit for me (I’ve already been down that road) doesn’t mean they are a good fit for me.

Whew!! I have no idea why this love junk is hitting me so hard right now. I have way too much going on to be in my feelings. And tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Life…

Anyhoo… Now that I’ve gotten that all out into the universe, hopefully I can move on and focus on other things.

My life…

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