Empty Nest Syndrome is Real

This is my son’s second semester of college and I am finally experiencing symptoms of the infamous empty nest syndrome. At first I couldn’t pinpoint where all of these strange emotions were coming from, then a few hours ago it hit me, the empty nest syndrome is real.

Y’all, today has been one of those days. I’ve been on social media posting like everything is grand when all I’ve wanted to do is scream. I tried to stay busy but kept crying for no reason. I really cannot afford to be in my feelings. Ugh!!

Another thing that is kind of bothering me is tomorrow’s my mom’s 65th birthday and she’s in the hospital again. I’m not even sure if she’s up for celebrating. But I do know she wants to leave but can’t. Y’all, it’s too much!

Anyhoo… let me go to sleep. I know I’ll feel better tomorrow. I always do.

Good Night

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