Sistas on BET: Aaron The Accountant

Haven’t written about my show, Tyler Perry’s Sistas, in quite some time. Don’t believe I have written about it in detail since I stopped tweeting.

I believe the last thing I wrote about was Aaron, this preacher/accountant who some believe is too good to be true. Okay… let me pause and go find my last blog so I can pick up where I left off with Aaron.

So I found the blog, It’s My Tweet Night. Instead of providing the link to the blog, I’ll share what I wrote –

“Today’s blog is about one of my favorite characters on Tyler Perry’s Sistas – Aaron is his name. The only reason I’m writing about Aaron is because, in my opinion, his character is the most genuine. However… so many don’t like him. Yes, he’s had a bit of a controversial past. I mean, his ex-wife committed suicide because he divorced her. I know, seems pretty dark, but there’s more to the story. At first, I thought he was a little harsh– hmm.. now I’m sounding like Andi describing Gary, who’s abusive and in Aaron’s anger management group…

Y’all know what, I’ll have to save this “think piece,” as my daughter would call it, for some other time. After having my “Andi” moment, I’m beginning to think I’m the one who’s delusional. Maybe Aaron isn’t the person I think he is. Who I want him to be. Have I been bamboozled? Am I only seeing what I want to see? Please say it ain’t so!!

I’ll write more about Aaron after I see a few more episodes. Fingers crossed that he really is the guy I think he is. We need at least one level-headed, genuine guy on the show who’s not afraid to be vulnerable or constantly trying to prove himself.”

Funny that that was written two years ago around this same time, February 10, 2021. Fortunately, I don’t need to write much to summarize Aaron’s character over the last two years. He has definitely stayed true to his character. He’s an upstanding guy. Kind of boring at times, but he’s patient, thoughtful, loyal and very understanding. The only problem I have with him is that he’s too patient, thoughtful, loyal and understanding. You see, he’s been seeing this one girl, Karen, who says she’s in love with this other guy, Zac. Well, Zac has moved on with Fatima – Tyler created them a spinoff called Zatima – and wants nothing to do with Karen. However, one night he and Karen got together and now Karen’s pregnant. Good soap opera stuff, huh?! I love it!!

Anyway, Karen doesn’t know who the father is but wants the baby to be Zac’s because she doesn’t like seeing him happy with Fatima. Meanwhile, Aaron is holding on hoping Karen will one day want him as much as she wants Zac. The crazy thing is, I don’t believe she wants Zac because she belittles him every time she gets a chance. She just doesn’t like seeing him happy and wants him to suffer because she’s unhappy. Well, she’s hurting Aaron in the process. At least everyone believes Aaron is hurting. Which leads me back to my thoughts from two years ago, what if it’s all a game. What if Aaron is just patient enough to wait for Karen to fall for him, then BAM! his true colors will show?

Hopefully, the Aaron we see is who he really is. With this said, I believe he needs to move on and find someone who is deserving of his love.

Well, I’m 20 minutes away from show time! Let me grab something to eat and get ready to chat about my show.


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