Listen, I’m just going to invite y’all along for this ride. Let’s just call it my reality show (and I so hate reality shows), It’s Shaun’s World. Word of advice, when you speak something into the universe, be prepared to receive it.

So, this just happened to me. Someone was promoting my work right after I said I needed clients; and y’all, I almost stopped her. I am so glad God held my tongue and I did downplay my experience. I am so uncomfortable with being in the spotlight. Especially when I’m not prepared for it. This is all so new to me. I have to be okay with being recognized not just recognizing others.

Here’s today’s midday message, which is what God had to remind me:

Favor is real. When it comes your way, grasp it. Don’t be so humble that you let it slip away.♥️

Praying you enjoy the rest of your day.


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