It’s Friday Night!

It’s Friday night and I have absolutely nothing to do. Went scrolling down the rabbit hole (that darn social media) and now I really wish that I wouldn’t have. Too much of nothing, lies and hypocrisy on these platforms. I’m about ready to throw all of it away. I wonder, and I’m so serious right now, I wonder if I can actually throw it all away. Like disconnect and never look back. Am I disciplined enough to do it? Am I disciplined enough to start over?


3 thoughts on “It’s Friday Night!”

    1. Thanks, Jessy! Sometimes I feel like it’s my only source of communication, especially now that my kids are doing their own thing. All I do is find things to work on, read or try to find something to watch or listen to. Basically, I have no human connection besides SM. Most of the time I’m okay in my own little world, but other times – like tonight – I’m not. This is when it’s hard seeing people out enjoying life with friends and I’m at home. I’ll be okay in a little while. But I do wonder if I could do it for longer than a few days. Didn’t mean to write so much. Thanks for believing in me. That really means a lot.💕

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      1. I can completely relate. And that was one of the hardest parts, but then I realized how all of that made me feel alone even more but it really was weighing negatively on my brain and now over a year later I’m so glad I did it. It has helped working again in a different job and having more work opportunities…. But then as of now I’m falling apart from too much but balance. It will be here soon and life’s all about balance.

        Just know I can relate and get it but I don’t have answers just encouragement you will find balance in your life whatever that looks like (social media or not).

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