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Woke up a little while ago from a nap that lasted hours. Didn’t realize I was so exhausted. Only spent two nights with my mom and I could barely function when I got home. How did I make it those two months?

Laying here thinking about how she had bouts of emotional outbursts due to frustration. She couldn’t get comfortable and could barely hear. Yeah… her hearing is getting worse. Some of the nurses took their time caring for her, while others ignored her complaints. And the food! Hospital food should be somewhat enjoyable and at least warm. As a registered dietitian, this really irritated me because I know they can do better. Also, knowing that she kept requesting soup and it was available at the nurses station the entire time, really upset me.

Y’all, I hated leaving her. I know this sounds weird but I felt like I was leaving her in jail. Even though she’s in a facility for her physical healing, it seems to be doing more harm mentally. I remember when I had to remain in the hospital longer than I expected. My dad and stepmom stayed with me the entire time, but I still felt alone and confined. I just wanted to go home. So, I can only imagine how stressful this is for her.

Praying God sends her comfort and peace.♥️

** Random thought… Maybe I am supposed to create something from this experience. What can I do for patients in similar situations? My initial reason for becoming a registered dietitian was to improve the quality of patient meals. Is this one of those full circle moments?

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