God’s Favor Part 2

No, I do not have some BIG revaluation to share related to God’s favor. Laughing. I just wanted to come back and share something small.

Listen, God’s favor does not have to be something elaborate. Most of the time His favor comes in forms that we often overlook or take for granted, like quiet times and peaceful moments. These are gifts. Enjoy them.


Yeah… as I have said many times before, the majority of these messages are for me; however, I tend to share them with you. Listen, I refuse to believe I am the only one who needs these messages. Smile

Welcome to my world!

Y’all take care.♥️

2 thoughts on “God’s Favor Part 2”

  1. I have also been getting that message to get off social media…I have scaled back, working on leaving it alone altogether. I have work to do and it won’t get done on the internet!

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