Keep Shining ✨

Thought I’d write a few words before I start my day. Today’s my first day back to work in this new decade. Yay!!! Yes, I’m being a little sarcastic. Wish I could sleep in a few more days. Anyhoo… Been up since 4:00 a.m. thinking (as usual) and working on my Mississippi Thriving social media sites. I know where I want to go with Mississippi Thriving; however, are others willing to go with me.

A few minutes ago it dawned on me that I’m losing my smile. I can see it fading. I see it in pictures. I feel it within. Which means, I can let it fade or I can make it SHINE!

I know what makes me smile. I love loving on others. I love being that cheerleader. But I believe my personality is a little too much for most. I really do become excited about the smallest things. And I’m very emotional. So I can turn something simple into a miracle. I refer to it as “watching God work.” I mean, because He is actually working. From the smallest details to the manifested product, God is in it all.

I’ve decided to seek out people who don’t mind my personality or a little love. I’m going to start showcasing their stories on Mississippi Thriving sites. I want people to see others the way I see them. I want them to see God’s work the way I see it. It’s in the details. The tiniest details. Mississippi is thriving. People just have to pay attention to notice.

I can’t lose my smile. It’s who I am. I was meant to SHINE!



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