Valentine’s Day Blues

Yep.. I’ve got the Valentine’s Day blues. This is my first Valentine’s Day since my divorce. The other four didn’t count. I was separated, but still married. So I could care less about Valentine’s Day. Now I’m single and all of a sudden it matters. Being alone on Valentine’s Day really sucks!

I’m trying to decide if I want to log off of social media the entire weekend. I don’t want to see gifs, pics, or posts about love or engagements. Honestly, I don’t even want to hear the words “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Well, my kids can say them. I feel a “Bah Humbug ” coming on for everyone else.

Last week one of my coworkers, and one of my friends, tried to coax me into creating a Tinder account. They said the old way of meeting men doesn’t work anymore. That I would have to meet them online. Do y’all know how scary that is? Then I saw Star Jones on the Tamron Hall Show saying how she met her husband online. I was like, “WOW! People really find their spouses online.” I was totally amazed. Crazy, huh!

I keep praying about my singleness, asking God if I should wait for Him to send someone cause I’m tired of being single (not good at dating, I’m ready for a relationship); or should I go out and find someone (which is basically what I’ve always done). One part of me is saying, “Girl, you KNOW you better wait on God.” The other part is saying, “You want to wait until you’re 80?” Y’all don’t know how hard I’m trying not to make the same mistakes. I’m trying so hard not to go looking cause I don’t typically choose well. The struggle is real! Honestly, I’m trying to wait on God. However, I’m becoming real impatient.

Anyhoo… Life is funny. I never imagined myself in this predicament. NEVER!

On another note, I want to see The Photograph movie. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow morning during the matinee. Hopefully everyone will still be in bed celebrating or somewhere eating brunch. Or maybe I’ll drive down to the beach. The water always calms my nerves and clears my mind. I’ll let y’all know what I decided to do in my next blog. Well, If you do have a boo, enjoy your day/weekend. I’m not going to hate on your fun. Lol


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