Yesterday I witnessed a fatal car accident. I was only three cars behind the person when her car flipped off the road and into a ditch. It all happened so fast, three to five seconds tops. I pulled over along with a few others. I kept trying to call 911, but my calls wouldn’t go through. Not sure if I was in a dead spot or if it was because others were also calling. When I finally got through, the dispatcher confirmed help was on the way.

Since I never say anyone get out of the car or see any movement, I got out of my car and went to see if I could assist. That’s when I saw her….

I held my tears until I got back in the car. I had never seen anything like that. I immediately started praying even though I was sure she was gone. My son kept trying to console me but there was nothing he could say that stop the tears. Although I didn’t believe I knew her, I kept saying someone had possibly lost a daughter, mother, sister, niece, cousin, friend. Then I began feeling guilty about not staying with the others until the first responders arrived. Maybe I could have held her hand. No one deserves to die alone. Not when people are around. I pray that her transition was quick and painless. Last night the news released the person’s name reported that the accident was an ongoing investigation. When I looked her up on Facebook, wanted to get a glimpse of her life, her sister had posted “R.I.P. big sis.”

Right now I don’t want to drive anywhere. My son has a college tour today that’s two hours away and I don’t want to go. I’m at my dad’s house and wish I could teleport home. I was only three cars behind the person. That could’ve easily been me and my son in the accident. I’m beyond grateful that we are still here but it hurts to know that someone so near me lost their life. It’s just a little difficult to handle right now.

Thanks for reading. Just needed to release these feelings into the atmosphere because I haven’t really been able to talk about it. Haven’t even told my mom or sisters. I just want this feeling to pass.


2 thoughts on “Life”

  1. You did EXACTLY what you were supposed to do….EXACTLY where you were supposed to be….EXACTLY what God needed you to do, it was your time to pray, and to witness, nothing more, and nothing less. Be of good courage, I’m praying for you sis…

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