Hello Sunday

Where do I begin. I set out to write about something else. Even saved a quote from a podcast I listened to last week. And now that I’m writing, I realize the quote actually fits in so well with today’s blog. Here’s the quote:

If it’s meant to be in my life, teach me how to receive it.

Sarah Jakes Roberts

So, I had every intention to write about how over the past few years I have become good at letting things go. I mean, now, if it doesn’t sit right with my soul, it’s gone. No explanation needed. However, what I have not been good at, or even thought much about, is receiving. How I receive, what I receive, or what I reject. After hearing Sarah Jakes Roberts discuss receiving and letting go, it was like a something clicked – I haven’t been fully opened to receive.

Short story…

On this day six years ago, I had the opportunity to see The Passion Live in New Orleans. It was a live reenactment of the events that led up to the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection. Well, a few weeks before it was scheduled to happen, I saw a tweet about how it was going to be the event of the year and they were expecting over 20,000 people to attend and participate. I remember thinking how I wanted to attend but didn’t know if I could. I just knew the tickets were gone. Then, a few days before the event, I saw another tweet with the link for FREE tickets. You already know I clicked the link and got a ticket. That’s when I heard God say, “Now you can go.” And I went and truly enjoyed myself.

Y’all, I’m becoming quite emotional as I think about God’s gifts, especially the unexpected ones. The ones where I just think about wanting something and He delivers. So, you may be wondering how does this fit in with receiving because as you can see, I receive God’s gifts so well. Well.. at least I believe I do. Smile. The problem isn’t receiving His gifts but gifts from others. I’m saying gifts, but definitely not only referring to things that have monetary value. I’m also referring to simple things like compliments, accolades, even expressions of gratitude. It wasn’t until I listened to Sarah’s interview that I realized the reason I haven’t been open to receiving is because I have felt unworthy or not good enough. When God gives me things I know it’s because He loves me, unconditionally. When people give me things I always feel as if it’s not truly genuine or something is expected of me. Even if the expectation is for me to achieve more, it’s something that’s expected. The crazy part is I honestly give without expectations. So why do I believe others are not capable of doing the same?

Well, this year I am going to be intentional about receiving, receiving without reciprocation. Sorry for those who actually expect something in return. If God believes I’m worth receiving His gifts, then He must believe I’m more than worthy of receiving gifts from people. And for those who graciously give, I accept your gifts.

Note – I don’t believe everyone gives expecting reciprocity. I know there are people who generously give. The issue I have is accepting gifts from people I barely know or don’t interact with often.

Anyhoo.. time to move on and start receiving. Just had an “Aha” moment! Some gifts God will deliver through people. Wow, how did I miss that? And it’s my job to be open to receive them. Smiling

As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs. Praying you have an extraordinary week. Be Blessed.


Here are a few pictures from The Passion Live (March 20, 2016).

I was asked if I wanted to move closer to the stage, but I declined. No regrets. I believe I had a better view from where I was because I could see the entire stage. Great memories!
Tyler Perry was the narrator.
Trisha Yearwood was Mary.
Seal was Pontius Pilot and Jesus, Jencarlos Canela.

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