Feeling Some Kinda Way

Right now I’m supposed to be chatting about Tyler Perry’s Sistas. I started out chatting but my heart just ain’t in it. I’m just not feeling it. Y’all, my heart really hurts.

This morning the world found out Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss took his life. Y’all, I can’t stop crying. I didn’t know the young man. Didn’t watch the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Didn’t even follow him on social media. However, whenever I came across one of his Instagram reels or TikTok videos, he always looked so happy. I loved seeing him dance with his wife and kids. Their smiles always brightened my day. Now he’s gone. And right now I don’t feel like pretending to be happy. Life

6 thoughts on “Feeling Some Kinda Way”

  1. Iono either. Everybody keeps saying, “If you need help, ask for it” If it were that easy for some people, everybody would do it! What do you do to REALLY, TRULY help people who are hurting? I’m just stuck right now.

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    1. Right. Been thinking the same all day. What do you do? Are there signs? I know my kids get tired of me asking if they are okay, but this is why. You just never know what people are going through but acting like they are okay. And I don’t accept, I’m fine. I ask questions. Maybe too many at times. Lol. Yeah.. today has been a bit much. Thanks for reading and providing feedback.♥️


  2. Life changed yesterday, it was as if Stephen took some of the air we breathe with him…I feel some kind of way, I just don’t know what that is yet…Rest my brother, rest from your weariness.

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