Wednesday Writings

Happy Wednesday! Today, I am celebrating wins. Not the big wins that everyone sees, but the small, teeny-tiny mental wins. You know, the ones that are small but have the greatest impact on our psyche. Yes, those are the wins I am referring to. And if you didn’t know, they are also the wins we need to move forward in this game called Life. Because y’all, life is definitely a game. Listen, if we are not careful, we will find ourselves stuck, repeating the same level for years. It’s a game.

So, even though my wins are small, I am celebrating them like I hit the jackpot because baby, I just entered another level. Yes, I have entered another level of life, which means another level of challenges.


This time I am entering prepared because I KNOW it’s a game.


I finally realize it’s a game that I cannot win without God’s presence, guidance or grace. Yes, the reason I was stuck on the same level for so long was because I tried to win on my own. HA! Silly me! Well, God is leading and I am listening. Okay.. so I would be lying if I said moving forward I will always listen —because some of the things He instructs me to do I just don’t want to do (yes, I can be stubborn – Repeat level–Lol!) —however, it’s my goal to do so. Looking forward to more wins and less repeats.

Yes, God is good and He loves me.♥️ Celebrating

Be Blessed


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