Random Thought

And yes… I’m still awake.

My thought is actually a question:

Why do people share personal things on social media? Asking because I just shared something personal. Then, after sharing it, I asked myself why I shared it. It wasn’t anything too personal. Just a few pictures. But why did I share them?

I’ve been so plugged in for so long that it seems like second nature to share. For the longest I have wanted to get back to my pre- social media life, and I’m somewhat doing it on a personal level, but it feels a bit lonely. I feel disconnected.

Maybe people find comfort in sharing their personal experiences. Maybe it makes them feel connected.

4 thoughts on “Random Thought”

  1. Ma’am, I hope you got some rest lol. I feel you on the lonely part. Sometimes being on social media makes you feel as if you’re surrounded by friends. I decided to take a break from sm for a while and honestly, it’s giving me more time to do other things I wouldn’t get a chance to like read a good book. Sometimes I do miss it though. And, when I share personal things on sm sometimes I do it to encourage other people to let them know that they’re not alone in a situation, sometimes I share because my outfit needs applause lol. ________________________________

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    1. Happy Wednesday! I agree. You can accomplish a lot more when you’re not on social media. Enjoy the rest of your week, and keep encouraging others. It’s definitely needed. Take Care


  2. I think there could be all sorts of reasons. I am a sharer, well, more my feelings than anything….but I am also someone who is very protective of their privacy. So I prefer to write under a nom de plume as it allows me to feel safer.

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