Wednesday Writings

Fell asleep early yesterday. I was so tired. Hadn’t realized how tired I was until I looked at my selfies. My eyes said it all. Not the smeared, half-crooked eyeliner (laughing), but the red line that I noticed going across the white of my eyes. I had spent hours in front of a computer screen for days, trying to complete a 20 hour course in five days. Anyone who knows anything about academia knows 20 hours isn’t actually 20 hours. Yeah.. the lies! Laughing. Anyhoo.. I completed the course. Got the certificate. Woohoo!! Now it’s time to rest, or at least try. Always easier said than done, right?

On another note, I’m excited about today’s adventure! There’s this Van Gogh experience I’ve been wanting to attend for some time now, but it’s always been somewhere far away. Well, yesterday, I stumbled upon it. Like, literally. Was on my way to CVS and it was right there! I just love the way God loves me. I’m so blessed.

My prayer for today is that I stay present and enjoy the moment. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t here yet. Lord, please help me to enjoy Now.

Now, let me close my eyes and go back to sleep. Rest is a gift, a gift I rarely take advantage of. Talk to y’all Sunday. Take Care!♥️

I’m so excited about this!


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