Day 2… Part 2

Listen, when I tell you God just won’t let me stay down. Not even for a few minutes! As soon as I posted my last blog, He started working. I have to testify in real time because He works in REAL TIME! Y’all, He’s just that good!!

As I have mentioned before, God always sends exactly what I need when I need it. Here’s one example. It’s a YouTube message by Dharius Daniels, I Think I’m About to Break. Didn’t want to listen to it. Wanted to wallow in my feelings for a minute, but God wouldn’t allow it! I am so thankful I was obedient. This was exactly what I needed. WHEW!!

When I tell you God absolutely loves me… BELIEVE IT!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 2… Part 2”

  1. I’m glad I waited, I was about to leave a message on your first post, but God said wait…I’m glad you found what you needed to hear…you will come through this a winner…because you are a winner!!! Real time…Thank you Jesus for giving my friend exactly what she needed…

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