Day 2…

Not even sure what to write. Not even sure if I want to write or draw anymore or pursue any of the things I thought were so important. Today, I feel lost and confused. I say it all the time, there is just something about death that makes me rethink my life and dreams. At the moment, none of my dreams or goals matter. As my sister said, we wanted so much for Momma. Although each one of us imagined a different life for her, she said that she had accomplished everything she set out to and was at peace. But we all know that wasn’t entirely true. She shared her dreams with us and so many did not happen.

So, today, I sit here wondering if all of my efforts are a waste of time. Should I just be? Are my dreams and aspirations unrealistic? Today, all optimism is gone. I have none. Whatever God decides for my life, I will not question. I respect Him too much to question what He has planned. I am simply going to go with the flow. I am so tired of putting in the work and being nudged to work harder and harder. For what? Yeah… I’m tired. It’s funny how as much as I want to hide and not do anything, I keep doing things. Like me writing this blog because I don’t want to mess up my blogging streak. Shaking my head.

Life is so complex.

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