Trusting God 2

This morning I woke up with Donnie McClurkin’s song “I’ll Trust You, Lord,” playing over and over in my head. Here’s the intro of the song:

What if you call Me and don’t feel Me near you will you still trust Me?

What if I tell you to let go of everything that you think you have to hold, will you trust Me?

Yes, I’ll trust You Lord

What if it costs my life, yes I’ll trust You Lord

What if I lose the very thing I love so dear, yes I’ll trust You Lord

God’s got me.♥️

Today, I am trusting God to see me through this. I believe my brother’s death hurt differently because it was so unexpected. This one is different. Every time she was admitted to the hospital, my heart prepared for the worse, but she always managed to pull through. I knew this time was different. I felt it. Thought I was prepared…

P.S. Sorry I am writing about the same thing. This is my way of coping. I just need to write. I have to. I want to be strong and pretend life is the same, but it isn’t and I am sad. If you’re tired of hearing about my mom’s death, please feel free not to read any of my blogs for a while because honestly, I am not sure when I will stop writing about it. It might be today or a year from now. This is my world… my life… my reality. I’m okay, just need to write. Thanks for understanding… or not.


4 thoughts on “Trusting God 2”

  1. Hey Ms. Shaun,

    I love reading your blogs. It lets me know that I’m never alone in my good and not-so-good times. I agree, I believe this blog is your way of coping and it helps to get the words out of your head and on a solid surface so you can see them. I don’t have any uplifting words today, but I just wanted you to know that your words matter, and I appreciate that you are even continuing to write this blog with all that you’re experiencing right now. You don’t have to respond, just want you to know I’m right here with ya!

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