What’s The Purpose? Part 2

Listen, maybe I should rename this entire series of blogs to something like, “Real Time Revelations.” When I tell you God works fast! Maybe my purpose is to document things as they happen and how God responds. Believe me, it’s wonderful to experience. However, it does make me feel a bit crazy.

Have you watched Queen Charlotte on Netflix? If you have, know that I am more like George than Charlotte. I love like Charlotte, but my head is somewhat in the clouds like George’s. Yeah… I’m being very transparent. It is my world, right?

Anyhoo… how God works! First message on YouTube (messages don’t always come from YouTube) was a video Steven Furtick posted an hour ago, “God Chose You! Will you?” The first few minutes said it all. There’s a new me waiting to come out, but I have yet to choose her. She’s already here and ready. Been here. Been ready!

Wow! What a revelation. I can actually escape anytime I want.

Girl, choose the new you and escape!!!

Yeah… told you I was more like George, but influenced and led by God. Yessss!

My world and life is a testimony. Gotta love it.


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