5 O’clock in the Morning

WAKE UP!! We need you!

Nonchalant’s 5 O’clock is ringing in my head. Yes, I took it ALL the way back!

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m up thinking about all of these senseless shootings. I heard someone say we have two wars going on in Black communities. And they are absolutely right! If our people aren’t dying by the hands of those who are supposed to protect us, then they’re dying by the ones that are supposed to love us. When and where does it end? Thinking about all of the babies and bystanders who have been killed by arrogant idiots all because their feelings were hurt. Y’all, get out of your feelings and take a timeout!!

Unfortunately, the only way I believe this will end is when those behind the destruction decide enough is enough. When their “so called” leaders are man enough to put an end to this mess. Honestly, community leaders and celebrities can talk until they are almost dead and nothing will change. Change has to come from within.

Now the babies… I still believe there is hope for the babies. That is, if they live long enough to experience it. Y’all, I will never give up on the babies.

BLACK KINGS, please understand, we ARE an endangered species. We need YOU. Please, get yourself together!


5 o’clock in the morning. Where you gonna be?

(Outside on the corner)

You better get yourself together

While you’re wasting all your time

Right along with your mind

Lyrics of Nonchalant’s 5 O’clock Courtesy of


2 thoughts on “5 O’clock in the Morning”

  1. I’ve lost track.. I can’t remember how many, or the reason’s why. I’m tired.. I pray and pray until I am just having a continual conversation with God trying to make sense of what makes no sense! So I just keep praying and keep hoping that one day there will only be words of thanks, and no more why’s.

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    1. There’s so much going on right now. So hard to comprehend everything that’s happening. All I can do pray. That’s all. As we know, God is still in control. I don’t understand why things are happening and doubt if I ever will. However, I will continue to pray and keep believing that better is coming. Take Care, Deborah.


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