Hello Sunday

I say this so often that it may appear to be a cliche; but y’all, I love the way God loves me. One day I will have to write a book about God’s greatness in my life. The way events occur in my life are quite interesting and seemingly implausible; but as they say, I have receipts.

I have thousands of journal entries – 30 plus years of entries – that document God’s goodness, grace, mercy and unconditional love in my life. Y’all, no matter how many times I have – been disobedient, done things on my own, self-sabotaged opportunities, and doubted His words – He has always picked me up, brushed me off, dried my tears, made me smile and gave me another chance to do and be better.

Yes, one day I will write a book… or several.

Y’all, I have discovered it’s not the big, glorious things that make life so interesting. It’s the small things leading to the big ones that are so remarkable and rewarding!

I pray you have a beautiful week. Be mindful of the small blessings that come your way. I believe they are God’s way of expressing His love for us, which is so often overlooked.

Be Blessed


Yesterday I received a last minute invite to a rodeo. Friday night’s meltdown became Saturday’s smile. This is only one example of how God expresses His love for me.♥️

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