Just Had to Share

My bestie is on a cruise right now and she’s been taking pictures and recording videos of gems she’s finding on the ship and excursions. Here’s one she just shared. It was too good to keep to myself!

Look closely…

Your life is unfolding according to The Divine plan.

If that caption doesn’t make you want to shout!!! Y’all… I’ve been sitting on something for over two years now. It’s my baby. When I tell you I needed this message. No, I’m not behind. Everything is unfolding according to God’s plan.

Y’all have a blessed day!♥️


Quick Testimony

About an hour ago, I found myself in a dilemma. I could either respond the way I would typically or handle things differently. I believed handling it as usual would have been easiest, not the best move, but easiest. Well, I chose the more difficult and best way to handle the problem. Y’all, it was actually easier than I thought.

Sometimes we make things more difficult than they are. Before I settled on my decision, someone liked a post that I shared last night, “We repeat what we don’t repair.” Her liking that post was the nudge I needed to change my habit. See, I don’t always receive my messages from YouTube. Smile

I’m so proud of myself for handling things differently. I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to do it. Could have been doing it all this time.

My takeaway–Acknowledge what needs to be fixed, then work on repairing it. You will never successfully move forward until you do. You might move forward; however, eventually, you will find yourself back in the same predicament if it’s not fixed.♥️

A new era is dawning.

Year 50 loading…


Beauty for Ashes: Be Ready

Happy Tuesday! It’s 4:40 AM my time. Woke up startled. Not sure what startled me. Maybe something in a dream. Anyway, after praying and making sure my two were okay, I went scrolling through my Facebook memories to find inspiration for today’s blog. Well, I found three posts that I really wanted to share; and since I could not decide on one, I am sharing all three. All three are representative of how God has kept and continues to keep me encouraged. When I say God is so amazing and that He just won’t let me stay down, this is part of what I am referring to. Y’all, He really does love me.

Here are my posts from Facebook starting with the order in which they were shared–oldest to latest–June 6, 2019 (2) and June 6, 2022.

Facebook Memory: June 6, 2019 No. 1

I love the woman I have become.

Happy Thursday! Here’s today’s social media find. As I celebrate my 46th birthday month, I’m still trying to figure out what I truly want to do. I just can’t see myself doing the same exact thing for the rest of my life.

Although that part of my life is forever evolving, the kind of woman I’ve always wanted to be hasn’t changed. I am the woman I envisioned as a little girl. I’m strong, loving, compassionate, empathetic, passionate, spontaneous yet cautious, adventurous, love challenges… The list goes on and on. I love who I am. I know 5 year old Shaun, would be proud of her 45 year old self. Yeah, she would love me!

Facebook Memory: June 6, 2019 No. 2

Stay Ready!

If you’re like me, you ask for things praying they come to pass. However, after facing numerous obstacles, you start doubting that things will ever work out in your favor. But in the back of your mind you’re constantly reminded that God is ALWAYS working behind the scenes. You’ve actually witnessed His work through others’ blessings. You don’t hate. You rejoice with them and tell yourself, one day that will be me. Well, while you’re watching, are you preparing? If not, you better be because when God starts moving, He moves fast! Be ready. God is working.

Facebook Memory: June 6, 2022

Smile, God’s got you!

Here’s a much needed reminder that God will give you beauty for your ashes.🌹

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I pray that my memories bless you as much as they have blessed me this morning. Remember, God is working. You may not see it, but He is. Trust Him.

Love you!♥️



Be Consistent

This morning I heard the phrase, “be consistent,” while watching a video. I love one of Merriam-Webster’s definitions– to be marked by harmony. Here is what I have learned about consistency. If your head is in it and your heart is not, or vice versa, despite good intentions, you will not be consistent. Both need to operate in harmony.♥️ ~Shaun

Consistency matters.

Hello Sunday

Was looking through Facebook memories and old journals to find inspiration for today’s blog. I could not find a journal entry from this date 20+ years ago, so I decided to include my Facebook post from last year, June 4, 2022.

Just me being me.🤷🏽‍♀️😁 Y’all, life is good and God is sooo amazing. I’m so grateful for His mercy and grace. And the way He loves me – INDESCRIBABLE!! Whew! Getting emotional just thinking about it.☺️ Twenty days until #Year49, and I’m going to enjoy every minute because I KNOW #ImBlessed! 🙏🏽♥️”

As I mentioned, I could not find an entry written on this date over 20 years ago. However, I did find several entries between 1991-2002 written either the day before or after June 4. Y’all, I weep for that young lady. She was so lost, hurt and broken. For years, even decades, she accepted any and everything that was thrown her way because she felt unworthy and unlovable. When I tell you her self esteem was shot. I can see now that she was punishing herself for that one decision she wish she had not made. That one decision caused her to enter a downward spiral that led to self hatred and mental abuse. She consistently punished herself by allowing others to misuse and abuse her. She felt she deserved the pain because she had not lived up to the dreams and goals she had set for herself. Y’all, she did not know she could recover. Sadly, it would be decades before she realized that one mistake did not define her and that all of her dreams and aspirations were still in tact.

Now, here I am 20 days before Year 50. As I mentioned last year, I am so grateful for God’s love, mercy and grace. Y’all, it is truly INDESCRIBABLE! Today, I can happily say that my life is drastically different than it was 30 years ago. That young lady is finally a woman who understands that that one decision was just part of her (my) story. Smiling

Year 50 is loading. Excited to see where this next journey takes me.

No more pain. I got you!♥️