Hair Woes: Part 2

Y’all, the saga continues…

I am really struggling with this hair. Social media star and actress, Tabitha Brown named hers. Perhaps it is time for me to name mine. Maybe something like Charlene, Missy, or Tina. I am kinda feeling Charlene. Can’t y’all hear Anthony Hamilton singing Charlene? I can. Lol

So, once again, Charlene and I are not getting along. Guess I need to confess. She is probably mad at me. You see, the day before my birthday, I decided to relax my hair. If you read part one of Hair Woes, you would know I had Dark & Lovely on standby for two years. Well, thanks to my birthday, Dark & Lovely was rescued from that shelf and ended up on Charlene.

Y’all, I just could not take being natural anymore. I believe most of my problem came from not being able to get a haircut. I am more afraid of getting COVID-19 than trying to have my hair styled. Also, I had three different textures going on and it was driving me crazy. Needless to say, I was fed up! I knew that I wanted my hair to look halfway decent for my birthday pictures, so I relaxed it. I was feeling good as I blow dried it. My hair was as light as feathers. Then I curled it with the flat irons. Y’all, I had forgotten about the smell of burnt hair and how I hated it. I could not get rid of that smell. Now, that was, and still is, what I hate about having straight hair– the smell of burnt hair.

For those saying, “Just wrap it or use rods,” umm… focus on your own hair. I am having a pity party right now. Let me be.

Anyway.. Do I like my hair any better than before? Not really. I am still having the same issues– minus the three different textures. Honestly, there is not much I can do with my hair besides– curl/flat iron it (again, I hate the smell), wear a headband, hat or scarf/bandanna, or let Charlene go wild. Most of the time I choose the headband.

So what is next for Charlene? I do not know. Last week actress/comedian, Tiffany Haddish shaved her head after her big chop. I am not going to lie, I have thought about doing the same plenty of times. But why? Only to wake up one morning with the same problem– Charlene… rather.. missing Charlene. Lol.

As I stated in the beginning, the saga continues. Will I ever be happy with my hair? Probably not. But at least she now has a name. Thanks, Tabitha!

Impromptu Zoom meeting. Threw on the headband and some lipgloss. Gotta keep that lipgloss handy, too! Oh.. and I keep eyeliner near as well. Lol



Hair Woes

Feeling a bit frustrated with my hair. About two years ago, I decided to say goodbye to my short, relaxed hair and go natural. It was not my first time going natural. In 2011, I decided to try the natural thing and was natural for about three years. Then one day I woke up and relaxed my hair. I hate to say it, but I am at that point again. Ugh!!

When I was natural before, I allowed my hair to grow out. Which allowed me to wear it in different styles. This time, I decided to keep it short. Then COVID-19 happened and I could not get it cut. Plus, when I was getting it cut, my haircuts were never consistent. Y’all, I am so cheap when it comes to getting my hair done. Mainly because I do not have the patience to sit in a hair salon for more than 30 minutes. So, whoever could get me in and out in less than 30 minutes was who I went to. Anything longer was a waste of my time. Again, I do not have that kind of patience, which is the main reason I decided to keep it short. What I failed to realize is that short hairstyles are just as high maintenance because they require frequent haircuts. It is like I cannot win when it comes to my hair. What am I to do???

I guess things would be different if I wore wigs, braids or locs. But I have never worn them. They look cute on other people, but probably would not look cute on me. Plus, they require time and patience. Y’all, I do not even have the patience to try to find a wig. I really feel hopeless. I am honestly considering putting this box of Dark & Lovely in my hair. I have had it on standby for two years, now. Hmm…. Wonder if relaxers expire. Lol.

On another note, did I mention how much I spend on products? Y’all, I spend so much money on products. People are always recommending one product or another. I try them, then find myself back where I am today– feeling hopeless.

I am trying very hard to stay natural because my hair is so much healthier, now. It is also thicker and I have less breakage. All of the things that I loved the first time around. However, the maintenance is too much. Y’all, I need help! FOR REAL!