The Power of Discernment

Discernmentthe ability to judge well: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.

God has given each of us the ability to discern whether or not something is in our best interest. If it’s not, let it go. If it is, embrace it. Discernment is one of our superpowers. Be sure to use it.♥️ ~ Shaun


The Flow

Life happens, right? And some things are just completely beyond our control. I would say this past week has taught me the meaning of, “Just go with the flow.” However, it’s one lesson I’ve been learning over the past year and a half.

Last night I finally stop resisting it, even the slightest bit. Last night I changed my prayer from, “Lord, I’m tired. Please help me make it.” to “Lord, I know you will not put more on me than I can bear. Please help me handle things from a place of peace.”

Today, I’m going with the flow from a place of peace. Projects that need to get done will be done when I get to them. Deadlines will have to be pushed back, and I’m okay with that. I know that where I am at this moment is where I need to be. God’s got me. Everything will always work out according to God’s plan, which will always be in my favor. ♥️