Midday Ramblings

Hey!! Felt like writing. Sooo many thoughts and topics floating around in my head – relationships, loyalty, aging. It’s a lot.

Relationships — Watched today’s episode of Red Table Talk about relationships. It was definitely one I needed to watch. Received free advice from relationship coaches that I had no idea I needed. Smile. Sometimes I think about being in a relationship again. Yeah.. some days I really wish I had a boo. I’m not going to lie, I miss having a man around – not only for sex (lol) but because they’re pretty cool to hang with. But, the real question is, would I want him around ALL of the time? Because y’all, I really love my space. I love my me time. Whenever I express this to other people, I’m told I’m better off being alone. Like.. really?! Why can’t I have the kind of relationship I desire? I mean, my kids understand me and we get alone just fine. So are you telling me I can’t find a man who will understand and respect my wishes just the same?

Anyhoo.. after watching today’s episode, I believe it’s possible to find someone who compliments me; and, I will not have to date around to find him. As Sheree Zampino put it, the older you get the more you realize what you truly want and refuse to accept anything less (paraphrased). AND.. you don’t have to find them online or through some dating app. She met the guy she’s currently dating, at Home Depot. I believe that’s doable. Smiling

Loyalty — I am sooo tired of hearing about Coach Prime’s disloyalty. How?! How was he disloyal? I’ve already written my thoughts in yesterday’s blog. I’m just so ready for people on my social media timelines to stop acting like they are victims. Like he used them and left. And the majority of the people talking didn’t even go to Jackson State University. If they’re still talking tomorrow, they will be muted.

Aging — Received a call from one of my cousins about my one of my uncles not doing well. Y’all, when I say this year has been crazy! My dad, mom, stepmom, auntie and uncles. Everyone is aging and most of them have chronic illnesses. Seems like once one gets better another gets worse. Life

Well, I’m going to end now. Think I’ve released enough crazy energy into the universe. It’s probably too late to take a nap but I might anyway.

Y’all take care! And if you’ve read this, please don’t put much thought into what I’ve said. I just needed to ramble. Love y’all!


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