Midday Ramblings

Hey!! Felt like writing. Sooo many thoughts and topics floating around in my head – relationships, loyalty, aging. It’s a lot.

Relationships — Watched today’s episode of Red Table Talk about relationships. It was definitely one I needed to watch. Received free advice from relationship coaches that I had no idea I needed. Smile. Sometimes I think about being in a relationship again. Yeah.. some days I really wish I had a boo. I’m not going to lie, I miss having a man around – not only for sex (lol) but because they’re pretty cool to hang with. But, the real question is, would I want him around ALL of the time? Because y’all, I really love my space. I love my me time. Whenever I express this to other people, I’m told I’m better off being alone. Like.. really?! Why can’t I have the kind of relationship I desire? I mean, my kids understand me and we get alone just fine. So are you telling me I can’t find a man who will understand and respect my wishes just the same?

Anyhoo.. after watching today’s episode, I believe it’s possible to find someone who compliments me; and, I will not have to date around to find him. As Sheree Zampino put it, the older you get the more you realize what you truly want and refuse to accept anything less (paraphrased). AND.. you don’t have to find them online or through some dating app. She met the guy she’s currently dating, at Home Depot. I believe that’s doable. Smiling

Loyalty — I am sooo tired of hearing about Coach Prime’s disloyalty. How?! How was he disloyal? I’ve already written my thoughts in yesterday’s blog. I’m just so ready for people on my social media timelines to stop acting like they are victims. Like he used them and left. And the majority of the people talking didn’t even go to Jackson State University. If they’re still talking tomorrow, they will be muted.

Aging — Received a call from one of my cousins about my one of my uncles not doing well. Y’all, when I say this year has been crazy! My dad, mom, stepmom, auntie and uncles. Everyone is aging and most of them have chronic illnesses. Seems like once one gets better another gets worse. Life

Well, I’m going to end now. Think I’ve released enough crazy energy into the universe. It’s probably too late to take a nap but I might anyway.

Y’all take care! And if you’ve read this, please don’t put much thought into what I’ve said. I just needed to ramble. Love y’all!



Another Random Blog: Santa I Need Your Help

Sitting here thinking about dating again. 2022 is the year I’m going to stop standing on the sidelines and jump in the game. COVID doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and I’m just wasting time waiting for things to go back to “normal.” Slowly but surely I’m coming to terms with this is it. This is how things are going to be from here on out. More than likely, I am going to meet my next significant other virtually. Question is, where do I begin?

Some of my friends have suggested online dating sites. Ugh!! I really don’t want to go that route. To me it’s like online shopping, I really don’t like it. I would rather go to the store so that I can examine the products in person. Then there’s social media. Y’all, I receive so many direct messages. My problem with those are, I cannot tell if the accounts are real. People have created fake accounts in my name so who is to say the person contacting me is who they claim to be. About a week ago, some guy with a suspicious handle started following me and sent me a DM. I probably spent 30 minutes trying to figure out if the account was real or fake. According to his profile he was a pretty successful business owner, and of course there was a website included to make the account look legit. And on the surface it did. However, there were a few red flags. The account was fairly new. Only a few pictures posted. He had quite a few followers and wasn’t following too many people (which was good). But he was only following women. Why?! Seemed creepy to me. Listen y’all, I almost notified the real person through the contact information on the website. I was going to let them know that someone was impersonating them. However, I didn’t. I let it go. To this day, I still do not know if the account was real or fake. Honestly, the social media thing is so creepy. I believe I would be more open to communicating if they sent video messages. I need to see and hear them.

Okay, back to my question, where do I begin? I’m trying not to do the timeline thing again (almost 50) but I am so tired of doing things solo. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my girlfriends and kids, but I need adult male companionship, too. I need a male I can laugh with, eat with, travel with, have fun with, dream with and make memories with. Perhaps I should ask Santa to send me one for Christmas. Lol

Okay… I’m done. Hopefully this is my last random rambling blog for this year.

Take Care,



More Late Night Ramblings

It’s not Wednesday yet so I won’t put this under my Wednesday Writings. Earlier I posted a quote from two years ago. At the end I noted how it took me two years to take the leap. Yes, two years to finally start living the life I had always dreamed of. Which was and is true. However, I never imagined living out my dream alone– meaning without a companion. Being transparent and honest.

Really, what good is living your best professional life if your personal life sucks? Don’t get me wrong, y’all already know I love my babies but it’s not the same as having a man in my life. I know I could go get one. Yep, there really are plenty available. I’m just afraid I’ll choose the wrong person again. So afraid that I won’t even allow anyone in.

People have suggested that I date several guys until I connect with the right one. The crazy thing is, I don’t even know how to date. Y’all, I have never dated before. Well, not the dating they refer to today. Back in my day, “dating” was considered talking. What’s now considered “committed” is the only dating I know. Then there’s connecting with the right person. My first boyfriend was the only one who pursued me. The others, I did the pursuing. Trying not to go that route again because as I said, I don’t choose well.

So what should I do? Where do I begin? I’m always joking about God delivering him to me, but that might just have to happen. I don’t trust anything online. Guys are always sending me messages, but I don’t respond. How am supposed to know if the person on the profile picture is the same person I’m having a conversation with? Then there are online dating sites. I heard most sites are hook up sites. Not into that. Might meet a stalker. I recently watched a movie about speed dating. Now that I could probably do. It seems fun until you meet that one clingy dude that you don’t like but they like you but won’t leave you alone. Ugh!! Yep.. guess I’m not ready to date. Maybe I just need a friend. But that could also get ugly. What if I fall for the friend and he doesn’t want me? Or vice versa? Whew!!

I guess I’ll be alone for a little longer. Maybe I’ll meet someone at Target. Or at the airport. OR at a restaurant- because I’m always eating.

I just want someone I can share my dream with for the rest of my life. Yep… that’s what I want. It’s no fun doing it alone.

Well, thanks for reading another one of my random blogs.

Good Night. Consider this my Wednesday blog unless I wake up and feel like sharing something else. Not going to proofread. Too tired.



It’s My Tweet Night

It’s Wednesday, my tweet night! Y’all, I just love live tweeting during my shows. There’s nothing like reading people’s reactions to different scenes in real time, you know, before they actually have time to process what happened. Some people analyze scenes based on reality or cinematography, while others just watch for pure entertainment (that would be me!). Listen, I love the far-fetched storylines and scenes that seem to drive so many crazy. I guess it’s because they remind me of some of my crazy dreams. Baby, my dreams are very entertaining! Anyway, with that said, all of the storylines aren’t unbelievable, most depict real life situations. Believe me, some have evoked feelings and emotions I thought I had long buried. But don’t worry, I’m not writing about those today– they’re way too intense. I plan to keep this one light. Today’s blog is about one of my favorite characters on Tyler Perry’s Sistas.

Aaron is his name. The only reason I’m writing about Aaron is because, in my opinion, his character is the most genuine. However… so many don’t like him. Yes, he’s had a bit of a controversial past. I mean, his ex-wife committed suicide because he divorced her. I know, seems pretty dark, but there’s more to the story. At first, I thought he was a little harsh– hmm.. now I’m sounding like Andi describing Gary, who’s abusive and in Aaron’s anger management group…

Y’all know what, I’ll have to save this “think piece,” as my daughter would call it, for some other time. After having my “Andi” moment, I’m beginning to think I’m the one who’s delusional. Maybe Aaron isn’t the person I think he is. Who I want him to be. Have I been bamboozled? Am I only seeing what I want to see? Please say it ain’t so!!

I’ll write more about Aaron after I see a few more episodes. Fingers crossed that he really is the guy I think he is. We need at least one level-headed, genuine guy on the show who’s not afraid to be vulnerable or constantly trying to prove himself. I believe Preston and Maurice also fall into this category. I would say, “but they’re not my type.” However, I can’t do it without laughing because smart butt Maurice would come back with, “You not my type either!!” Lol!

Listen, if you’re looking for a good show to watch, check out #SistasOnBET. I would love your feedback about Aaron. Like, for real. One day I’m going to start dating again and he’s definitely my type. I want to make sure I’m not overlooking red flags. Help a sista out!

As always, thanks for reading!