Living in My Dreams

Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.

Maya Angelou

That was one of the quotes under today’s Facebook memories. As usual, I’m in tears (always emotional).

Several blogs ago, I mentioned that it had dawned on me that I am actually living in my dreams. That, in my 20s, I was too naive to recognize it and took so many opportunities for granted. Do y’all know I could have traveled all of Europe at the drop of a hat and didn’t because 1) I did not want to be there, 2) I didn’t want to travel alone (my boyfriend didn’t want to go anywhere) and 3) I always believed I would have other opportunities. Just reminiscing about how I so carelessly disregarded my blessings and opportunities makes me cringe. I had the world in my hands and didn’t even recognize it. Y’all, I had been given what I asked for – to work for an international company and travel the world – and because it did not come the way I envisioned, I blew it off.

Side Note: So I saw myself at the United Nations. Even saw myself in the Peace Corp. But I never ever considered that the Air Force would provide some of the same experiences. I mean, two weeks after basic training I was in Germany. When I tell you God will give you what you ask for! Whew! It was just a little too much. (Laughing)

Okay… Back to my story.

I will say that my life changed after I found out I was pregnant. It was the strangest feeling (I can still feel it now). It was like the blinders fell off and everything was new. By then, I only had a little over two months left in Germany. I booked two weekend tours – one was a tour along the Rhein River and the other was a tour of the Black Forest. I so vividly remember holding my stomach, which was still flat as a rock, and saying, “Now I have someone to travel with.” And I did.

Wish I could say that after I left Germany I readily embraced my blessings and opportunities, but I would be lying. Three years later, almost to the date, God dropped me in Turkey for two years. One of my dreams was to visit the Mediterranean region. And I was there! Receipts of how God works in my life.

Well, while I was in Germany, there were weekly tours to Cyprus and Greece, but I never went. Sadly, I was placed right there in the area – only a few hours away – and still did not go!! Y’all, I was there two whole years and made up excuses of why I couldn’t go. I did travel to a few places in Turkey, though. However, I didn’t take advantage of all of those opportunities either. I was near most places I had read about in the Bible and acted like it was a common thing to be so close. UGH!!


I’m seeing a pattern here…

“Aha” moments all over the place!

I hate that it has taken me so long to recognize I am absolutely blessed. No, nothing has ever happened the way I imagined, but it has and is happening right before my very eyes. This time, I’m living in it!! I’m taking it all in. I will admit, I have missed some great opportunities, but it’s okay. Just like God dropped me in Turkey, He’ll send more opportunities and blessings. However, THIS TIME I’m embracing EVERYTHING!

I am actually living in my dreams! Blessed♥️

Y’all, this is all I have for you today. I pray you are living in your dreams. One way to know is to block out all distractions… you know, the worries, lack of, and negative energy… and only focus on the precious things you have (opportunities, health, family, love, etc.). Are you living in your dreams? I bet you are!

Have a blessed day!♥️



Hold On

Hold on. God is working. He’s already set things in motion. Listen, you cannot afford to give up now.♥️ ~ Shaun

Don’t give up. It’s already yours.

It’s been two years since I took my amazing leap of faith. Truthfully, I have zero regrets. However, I have found myself at a crossroads. I’m at a point where part of me wants to go back to what’s familiar, to what is safe and comfortable; while the other part wants to ride this thing out and see where it takes me. I keep hearing, “Hold on,” and “You are sooo close.” But reality is staring me in the face saying, “Girl, get your head out the clouds! Try again later when you’re better equipped.”

It’s a lot.

I feel like if I do not see this thing through, I will always turn back when things get hard. I know God’s got me. This is just one of those hurdles I have to face.

Y’all have a blessed weekend.


Hello Sunday

Breaking generational cycles of dysfunction.

Yesterday I shared the quote, “Humbleness is where ego ends and God begins … Humbleness looks good on you.” I actually shared it a year ago and decided to reshare it yesterday. Little did I know that I would need to take my own advice so soon. Ha! I had no idea I would have to put my ego aside and apologize for unintentionally hurting someone’s feelings.

Everything happened so fast. Words were said out of emotions that seemed to pop up out of nowhere. It was me responding emotionally to something this person – okay, it was my daughter – does all the time, which should not have surprised me. However, it did. Y’all, I am not even sure what triggered me, but the way I responded made her feel like she was being attacked. Honestly, I did not believe I was in the wrong. I felt the way I responded was appropriate and justifiable. However, in the end, we both felt hurt.

After taking a step back and replaying the entire interaction, I actually heard what she was saying. I apologized even though I could not fully understand why she was offended. She then apologized too.

I have this wall hanging that reads, “In this house… we never give up, we say I’m sorry, we like to have fun, we give hugs, we are family.” This basically sums up the tone of our household. It is a tone I intentionally set after my divorce; and it is up to me to make sure it stays this way, even when I’m not feeling it.

Y’all, I did not grow up in a household where apologies were made or anyone’s point of view was taken into consideration. If you felt hurt, that was on you. It has taken me years to break this way of thinking. If I want this world to be a better place, it has to first begin at home.

Again, humbleness is where ego ends and God begins.

Have a blessed week!