Expect Great Things

Expect great things to happen.♥️ ~ Shaun

Expect the unexpected.

On this day in 2019, I used the hashtag, “Expect Great Things,” in one of my Facebook posts. Sitting here thinking about how timely this message is. Y’all, I believe I have lost all hope of expectation. I used to wait in excitement of things to come. However, lately, I haven’t. Which is very interesting.

The reason I say this message is timely is because last night, while tweeting during a Twitter watch party for former First Lady Michelle Obama’s podcast tour, she retweeted one of my tweets. First she liked one, which had me smiling; then, she retweeted another. It was very unexpected. Whenever I join one of those watch parties, I tend to tweet because I like interacting with other tweeters, not to be seen. Now, I do like the feeling of being recognized, but I never want people to think I’m only there to be recognized. Anyhoo… that was pretty cool! Especially since she’s on my list of favorite people to meet (#4). And I did say that I wished I could have attended the event when she was interviewed by my other fav, Tyler Perry (#5). Several years ago, Tyler Perry retweeted one of my tweets during a watch party, which made me feel giddy. Laughing. So maybe both occurrences make up for me not meeting them in person. I would still love to, but I’ll settle for both memories.

Back to “Expect great things.” Honestly, I do not really know what that is anymore. I used to have an idea, but I don’t anymore. Now when I say it, I find myself saying it to encourage others. To encourage people with big dreams. Don’t get me wrong, my dreams are still here but I have come to the conclusion that they may not happen until I am as old as Abraham and Sarah. Until then, I’m going stay present and whenever unexpected things like a retweet comes along, I’ll cherish and store it with my collection of memories. For now, they are my great things. Smiling

I guess I should count this as a random rambling. Would delete most of what I’ve written, but won’t because I spent too much time writing it knowing I have to be somewhere in less than an hour. So I’m posting as is. Enjoy!

** Had to come back and edit it just a little. Lol! Hit the publish button a little to quickly. Gotta love life. Thanks for reading.😘

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